It’s almost time…

The RSX is squared away for next season, the houses are clean, snow is shoveled, and the driveway and walkways habeen been salted, heat in grandma’s house is back up to a balmy sixty-eight degrees, the pips have been snaked, cleaned, and vinegar and boiling water flushed, sump pump is tuned up, well pump filter has been changed, and the screen door handle has been repaired. shit, grandma is coming home friday.

I recycled my aluminum and scrap steel, and cashed in my credit card rewards points. I am now $147.39 richer.

found a 10 euro bill as well, so that’s an extra $13.07 American.

carpet freshed and vacuumed. the dyson was pissed.

and completed some retail therapy shopping with my friends. I now have all the Elixir colognes from bath and body, 2 new candles, and a large graffix pistol grip.

all that’s left to do is clean the cars out, and replace those annoying floodlights grandma insists on having.