His and Hers.

His and Hers.

Just Completed my Hi-Fi system for now!

Mine (front and center):

Toshiba SA-320 AM/FM receiver. 1 phono, 1 AUX. (95 WPC) – $89 off of eBay (PERFECT condition, all lamps work, etc.)
Toshiba SR-F200 Turntable with Stanton 500 Gold Head/red dot ellipsoid stylus. – $89 off of eBay (9/10, the cover is a bit smudgy)

A Speakers: Yamaha NS-A528’s – $free from a friend (one or two scuffs, but otherwise perfect)
B Speakers: Kenwood JL-507’s – $20 at goodwill (one of the grills is a bit tattered)

The big Kenwoods are on B so i can rock quietly in the morning without waking the missus up.

I also have a Dual Digital/Analog converting iPod charging/playing dock with remote control – $20 on Amazon (sounds nice and warm.)
AM and FM antennas are wired up and grounded as well. (no good stations at my house, but still – the four I get, I get very well.)

Not exactly vintage, more like an amalgam of the best of the eras – but most of this stuff is still older than me…

Hers (bottom left on that end table with all the crap strewn about)

Memorex Mi1200 AM/FM/CD/iPod thingy with AUX line-in and the flattest sounding integrated speakers I’ve ever heard – $50 at Walmart a few years ago.

I use it to occaisonally charge my iPod.
She keeps it tuned to KissFM, because she can’t work the analog tuner on mine which is set to WKAT – The Kat.
…That and fingers would be cut off if I turned my radio on and KissFM came out.

What do you guys rock out with?